Below, meet the *Blood Squad, the *Sangerian Brothers, *Reviews and *What's next in the series.  See a *Glossary of terms for the year 2075 and learn all the *Coven Blood Rules and pages from the *Descriptive Handbook.



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Killian Gray

Occupation:  FBI Agent, Leader of the Oakland FBI Specialized Homicide Unit, Blood Squad

Age:  31

Stats:  5'4" tall, pale complexion, black hair, PhD in Hematology, Daughter of Queen of the Hunters, dabbles in computer hacking.

Hobbies:  Study of Blood

Pet Peeves:  Fast moving machines and androids




Sie Knight 

Occupation:  Second in Charge, FBI Agent, Blood Squad

Age: 32

Stats:  6'1" tall, brown hair, leanly-muscled, close-cut beard, is a computer wiz.

Hobbies:  Mountain climbing

Pet Peeves:  People who think they don't need a firewall





Jackie Zink "Jinx" 

Occupation:  FBI Agent, Blood Squad

Age:  29

Stats:  5'7" tall, long blond hair, light brown eyes,  long legged, considered the Blood Squad's secret weapon, crack shot, good with a knife.

Hobbies-Martial Arts

Pet Peeves: Men who use stupid pick up lines


Randy "The Ram" Thomas

Occupation:  FBI Agent, Blood Squad

Age 30

Stats:  6'2" tall, 195lbs, shaves all his hair sometimes for the bald-headed look, numerous tattoo's, considered " the muscle" of the team.

Hobbies:  Playing the guitar, aero cycle riding

Pet Peeves:  Slow PV drivers




Dacon Sangerian

Occupation:   Commander and Chief, Sangerian Coven Security

Age:  224

Species:  Vampire

Hobbies:  Holo-simulator  mock battles

Stats:  6'1" tall, black hair, ice blue eyes, tattoo of a Sangerian rose on his right shoulder.  Middle brother.

Pet Peeve:  Humans



Roman Sangerian

Occupation:  Sangerian Coven Leader

Age:  232

Species:  Vampire

Hobbies: Study of ancient manuscripts

Stats:  6 feet tall, longer blond hair, blue eyes.  Widower. Wife and children were killed in the vamp war.

Pet Peeve:  An  improperly aged wine



Byron Sangerian

Occupation:  Sangerian Coven Human/Hunter covert Liaison

Age:  90

Species:  Vampire

Hobbies:  Helo-Flying,  BASE jumping

Stats:  5'9" tall, brown hair with blond highlights, blue eyes, carries a cheeky grin around most the time.

Pet Peeve: Having two older, overprotective brothers




Chance Manning

Occupation:  King of the  Vampire Hunters, Younger Brother of Killian Gray

Age:  27

Species:  Human


Stats:  6'1" tall, sandy blond hair, green eyes.

Pet Peeve:



Glossary of Terms for the Year 2075  - top

 AIGU=Artificial Intelligence Gathering Unit, a mechanical unit that assists in evidence gathering

Android=Mechanical android programmed in whatever capacity they are needed

Anime Rockers=A fad for young people like the Goth period

AP=Auto Piloted Vehicle, basically a car which has a driver

Auto-blaster=A laser that can shoot in a successive blast

Blaster=A laser that can be shot one trigger pull at a time

Blood injects= Blood synthetics produced in the Sangerian lab that supplement a vampires need for blood.

Chief of Security/Commander=The position that runs security for the Sangerians, the person is this position is addressed as Commander

Class A, Falen=A helo powered jet, like a helicopter

Comm=Like a cellular phone, used as a communication device

Crazik=A new drug like Crank but way worse ;)

Directional locator-Think GPS

Enora Silk=Brand name like Armani

F-211ís=The Air Forceís Newest jet, like an F-16

FBI San Francisco Violent Crime Specialized Homicide Unit=The unit Killian leads for the FBI

G-Profile=The name for a vampires DNA profile

Halmo Wrestler=Like a Sumo wrestler

Holo-simulator=A room that produces holographic images, think Star Trek

Imagegraphs=Like a photo graph

Imagegraphers-A position in the FBI, think Crime Scene Tech who handles taking all the pictures and sketching the crime scene

L-500 laser blasters=A laser blaster issued only to Law Enforcement Officers

Laser knives-A knife that cuts with a laser charge

Laser-proof armor=Armor resistant to laser fire

Light radar (L-Radar)=A new form of radar that uses light technology

LEO issued Blaster=Blaster only issued to Law Enforcement Officers

LNA, Leave Nothing Alive=A weapon Dacon had made especially for him

Mexican Republic=R.Mexico=A Republic formed by Mexico where most illegal activity is run through

Nacrilian=A substance harder than steel

Neurontin=Pain killer that numbs the nerves

No Fangs Allowed-NFA=thirty-story glass building where all the vampire hunters are housed

Organics=Vegetables grown without pesticides

Panera RT-7 sports model=Fastest car on the market

P-55 missile=A illegal missile with an intricately guided warhead 

P-9500=Think Palm

PO, Personal Organizer=Think Palm

PhD in Hematology=A new degree program that focusí on the study of blood

PV=Piloted Vehicle=A vehicle piloted by an android

Raz tracker=A tracker designed to track a vehicle by transmitting a signal to the satellite

Realm of Human Hunters-NFA=A group of humans who have dedicated their lives to hunting vampires

San Francisco 79ers logo=The new City of San Francisco Football Team

Silver laser-guided exploding bullets=Silver bullets that explode upon impact

The Book of Willing and Select donorís=The book that holds the names of all the humans who donate their blood to the Sangerians.

Sangerian Coven=The Coven of Vampires, over 2000 people strong housed underground

VECTRO=A virus developed by the human hunters to kill vampires

Sangerian Coven Blood Rules Descriptive Handbook=Book that has instructions and interpretations of the Sangerian Coven Blood Rules

Vamp war treaty of the factions=The treaty negotiated between the human hunters and vampires over 15 years ago to stop the fighting

ZAT lift=The underground lifts that run the length of the underground Coven caverns. Think simple subway.†


Sangerian Coven Blood Rules - top

1-Sangerian Coven Blood Rule number one: Turning a human who is not within the book of the select willing donors is punishable by death. †

2-Sangerian Coven Blood Rule number two: Blood is the life of the clan. Protect the privilege of your vampire heritage by abiding by all The Sangerian Coven Blood Rules or face the consequences. 

3-Sangerian Coven Blood Rule number three: Decisions by the Coven formed Council are binding.  No appeals process is allowed.†

5-Sangerian Coven Blood Rule number five: To murder another is punishable by death. †

20-Sangerian Coven Blood Rule number twenty: Lifelong Ceremonial Mating between converted humans and Coven vampires must be authorized by the Coven Council and Chief of Security.

55-Sangerian Coven Blood Rule number fifty five: The Security of the Coven will be commanded by a Sangerian blood relative, passed down throughout the test of time.†

230-Sangerian Coven Blood Rule number two hundred thirty:  The Treaty of the Vampire/Human factions requires vampires seek approval from the Chief of Security before entering the human world.

275-Sangerian Coven Blood Rule number two hundred seventy-five. Making contact with the realm of human hunters is forbidden unless direct approval is received by the Chief of Security, and only in circumstances of extreme need.†

349-Sangerian Coven Blood Rule number three hundred forty nine: Loyalty in the clan is vital to the success of the Coven. Actions of disloyalty will be labeled treason and subject the offenderís action to prosecution under Coven law. This will be punishable up to and including death. 

460-Sangerian Coven Blood Rule number four hundred sixty. Bringing humans into Coven homeland requires approval from the Chief of Security and a detailed background investigation, cross-referenced with the Book of Select donors.†

570-Sangerian Coven Blood Rule number five hundred and seventy: Respect of your chosen mate is required at all times. A complaint of disrespect may be lodged with any Coven Blood Council member.†

655-Sangerian Coven Blood Rule number sixty hundred fifty-five: Release of blood lust is only allowed when under certain circumstances; with a member of the book of select, willing donors, or under controlled situations detailed in the Sangerian Coven Blood Rules Descriptive Handbook, i.e., when mating and during mock battle.†

870-Sangerian Coven Blood Rule number eight hundred twenty: Since the implementation of the Vampire Human Faction treaty, the use of high-power war weapons are no longer authorized.†


Sangerian Coven Blood Rules Descriptive Handbook - top

29-Sangerian Coven Blood Rules Descriptive Handbook page 29. The first mark of a vampire on a willing human will scar and be sensitive to the touch.†

345-Sangerian Coven Blood Rules Descriptive Handbook page 345. Giving your own blood to a willing human from the Book of Select Donors will create an unbreakable bond. Be wary to whom you grant this privilege. 

430-Sangerian Coven Blood Rules Descriptive Handbook page 430. The bond formed during The Sangerian Claiming Ceremony is too strong to break; therefore it will only be practiced with your future mate. For information on the ceremony see page 431. 

435-Sangerian Coven Blood Rules Descriptive Handbook page 435. A Sangerian Coven bond mate must be revered above all others.†

436-Sangerian Coven Blood Rules Descriptive Handbook page 436. When turning a human to vampire, after the initial blood-letting, the feedings must be immediate and frequent. The technicians of the V-medical center are the best group to assist in handling the conversion recovery phase of turning.†

437-Sangerian Coven Blood Rules Descriptive Handbook page 437. Newly formed vampires will be very emotional. Take the time to show them the way of their new life.   


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 Coming Soon


What's Next... - top

Byron Sangerian's Story-Blood Game

Chance Manning's Story-Blood Lust

Roman Sangerian's Story-Blood Pact 


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